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The goal of Chart Signals is to share technical analysis observations of the trend, support, resistance, momentum, bounces and breakouts that occur on stock indexes, sectors, ETFs and individual stocks.  We track key stocks in the NDX, SPX, DJIA and other actively traded stocks with heavy institutional participation.

Chart Signals was started in March 2008 and represents a rich resource of daily real-time technical market observations since that time.  

Chart Signals views the trend of the SPX, which is approximately 80% of the market capitalization of U.S. stocks, as the best representation of the broad market.  Daily we share the direction of the six-month and three-day trend.

Each day Chart Signals observes the trend of the ten sector ETFs as up, sideways or down.  Generally, for the broad market trend to continue a majority of these sectors will be in an uptrend.

Daily SPX and NDX Highlights show the SPX point change, current pattern setup with price target and stocks with the largest percentage gains for the day.  NDX highlights include QQQ net change and closing price, NDX stocks that contributed the largest point gains based on each stocks weighting in the index, the number of stocks that closed higher for the day, the number of stocks in the index above their 30 DMA and the stock symbols that closed above or below their 30 DMA.

The Nasdaq 100 or NDX is comprised of the largest 100 non-financial companies listed on the Nasdaq ranked on market capitalization.  Five of the companies in the NDX have additional classes of stocks :  DISCA, DISCK, FOX, FOXA, GOOG, GOOGL, LBTYA, LBTYK, LILA, LILAK, LVNTA, QVCA.  We focus on the primary class for each company.

During earnings season in January, April, July and October we track earning reactions primarily on key stocks in the NDX and SPX.  These two lists show which stocks institutions are actively accumulating and which they are actively distributing after the earnings announcement.